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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello, my Pretties!

Back on November 9, 2012, I received an email asking if I would like to review some products for a company.  I had never heard of this company before so I clicked on the link to their website.  The company was  They specialize in nail polish and fashion jewelry.  My blog is more of a beauty blog and not so much of a fashion blog so I opted to try the nail polishes. If all goes well, I won't shut the door on trying out their line of fashion jewelry.

**On a side note, I noticed that cosmetics have been added to the site!  Eeeep!**


At first, this was all smooth sailing.  I got the invitation email on November. 9th.  I accepted the terms that same day so they told me to choose 12 nail polishes from their website to review. TWELVE! I was in awe!  I expected to be given maybe two nail polishes to review.  I thought 12 was awfully generous.  On November 13th, I sent in my 12 picks.  It was so hard to choose only 12 since they offer a wide array of nail polishes on their site.  Granted, they only offer three brands:  Kleancolor, Nabi, and Santee, but the color choices are abundant.  And later that day, my package was shipped out.  Talk about fast service!

Six days later, on November 19th, my promo package arrived.  I was walking up to my front door when I saw the package sitting on my step.  As I got closer, the smell of nail polish was present.  Oh no!  I quickly checked and yes, my polishes were damaged.  A couple were broken.  I was so disappointed.

I quickly emailed the company and offered to send them photos of the damages and they agreed that would be best.

Upon opening box. 

After taking off the protective plastic.

This sheet of plastic is not sufficient protection for glass bottles.

Two bottles stuck together with spilled nail polish.

One bottle complete shattered.


So, as you can see by the photos, I had a mess on my hands.  Even though these were sent to me FREE for review purposes, the fact of the matter is that they were for review so this looks bad on the company.  I have always promised to report the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No matter what.

I sent the photos of the damaged polishes on November 19th.  Between the 19th and the 30th, I sent several emails asking if they had received the photos in the first place since I had not received any sort of acknowledgement.  No response.  I sent the photos again.  No response.  I was becoming very uneasy about the whole thing.  I was more disappointed than anything.  If did not respond, I was going to do the review anyway.  It was only fair.

But they did respond finally on November 30th, I suppose after the Thanksgiving holidays.  They informed me that authorization had be granted to send me out another promo package.  Yay!  I would have been satisfied just receiving a replacement for the nail polishes that were broken or fused together.  The others could have been cleaned but that would have been an exhausting and tedious task.  They were coated in glitter and we all know how hard glitter is to remove!

On December 5th, my new package was sent out.

On December 11th, my new package arrived!

I was thrilled with the packaging!  Such an improvement!!  All nail polishes were securely wrapped up in tape and bubble wrap.  Now that's more like it.  I quickly emailed and let them know that my package had arrive and was in pristine condition.

It was a terrible mishap that the first package was damaged.  It was unfortunate that it was very hard to get a hold of them when I was trying to get the situation under control.  But totally redeemed themselves by sending me a brand new promo package in its entirety and completely changed their packaging to ensure that I would not be disappointed again.  Bravo,!  And thank you!

So, now that the bad and the ugly have been discussed, let's get to the good.  Nail polish swatches anyone??

Kleancolor Nail Lacquer
0.5 fl. oz.
$3.00 for a 1/2 dozen pack (same shade)

I am a huge fan of Kleancolor.  I have several of my own Kleancolor Nail Lacquers that I have purchased on my own.  I thought this was a great opportunity to add to my collection.

Kleancolor 134 Holo Pink

I loved Holo Pink!  Such a pretty pink shade that looks like sugar.

Kleancolor 176 Diamond Red

While I'm not a huge fan of glitter nail polishes because they are a pain in the apples to remove, I noticed that I chose a lot of glitters!  I can't help it, they are so pretty!

Diamond Red is another pretty glitter.  It is quite sheer with one coat but a second coat fixes that right up.  My nails look like Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Kleancolor 200 Shooting Star

And what is this?  Another glitter??  Haha.  But look at this one.  It's so cute.  Red, blue, and gold glitters make this polish adorable and a great top coat over another solid nail polish.  I thought about using this over a green nail polish for Christmas since the colors remind me of Christmas lights.

Kleancolor 226 Story of My Heart

And there was no way I could resist this nail polish on name alone.  Story of My Heart.  It's lovely.  And so is the color.  It's a very pale pink with iridescent shimmers.  It is sweet, feminine, and so delicate looking.

Nabi Nail Lacquer
0.53 fl. oz.
$3.00 for a 1/2 dozen pack (same shade)

Off the three nail polish brands offers, I have only tried Kleancolor.  I've heard of Nabi but this was a new one for me.  Here are the shades I chose.

Nabi 17 Sand

Sand is a perfect nude shade.  I have really been into nudes lately.  Especially on nails.  I love how this nude is not too pink or too brown.  It's a nice creme finish which is my favorite.

Nabi 94 Ace

Ace is a fun hot pink creme.  It's pretty opaque with one coat which is awesome but two coats really makes it say BAM!  It's such a girly fun color.

Nabi 100 Cinnamon

Of all the nail polishes I picked, this one is the only one with a chrome like finish.  These finishes tend to be difficult.  They are usually streaky.  As you can see from the photo, this one is no different.  Streaky yes, horrible no.  It's a really pretty mauve like shade and applies perfectly opaque in ONE coat.

Nabi 101 Brownsville

I'll admit that I only picked this nail polish because of the name.  Brownsville is a city about an hour from where I live here in Texas.  It is where we have our local zoo and therefore, somewhere we visit often as a family.  Haha. But the color is nice.  It's a mulberry pink creme.  Nothing brown about "brown"sville.

Santee Nail Polish
0.53 fl. oz.
$3.00 for a 1/2 dozen pack (same shade)

Santee is also another nail polish brand that I have heard of but have never tried.  I'm so happy I got these.  I should have gotten more!

Santee 19 Cute Me

Cute Me got hand picked by me because the name was too cute not to.  Haha.  This is another multicolored glitter in a clear base like Kleancolor's Shooting Star.  Another great top coat over an opaque polish.

Santee 28 Ocean Fantasy

Oh my wow, I so adore this color!  This might be my most favorite color I picked.  I love turquoise shades.  This is a slightly shimmery shade.  It's gorgeous.  Perfect shade for summer!  One coat was almost totally opaque and that's good.

Santee 40 Frosty Grey

When I saw this nail polish in person, I was struck with a case of the blahs.  It was just OK.  Nothing exciting.  Besides, I thought I had one very similar to it.  When I applied the first coat, I was even less enchanted.  So sheer.  But after the second coat, I was won over!  The color is awesome!  It's grey but with a lot of purple in it.  It's a creme finish too.  Winning!

Santee 59 My First Kiss

And I might have saved the best for last.  I adore pink.  I adore hot pink.  I adore this Hi-Liter shade of hot pink.  It's fabulous!  One coat of this one was pretty opaque too.  I love that!  Yup.  This one is my favorite.

Over all, my experience with My Wholesale Fashion was very good.  Despite the hiccups we had in the beginning, I am delighted that they were willing to work with me and righted the wrong.  It took longer than I had anticipated but it's understandable.

If you would like to check out's website, please visit

And just to give you more of an idea of what is, here is what they had to say in their ABOUT US section of the website:

"We are a accessories and fashion accessories wholesale distributor from Los Angeles, CA. We always carry top quality fashion accessories from hundreds of  manufacturers and importers. We are strictly wholesale and sell in bulk to both retailers and the public. We acquire large quantities of fashion accessories, so that we can offer this merchandise to our customers at wholesale prices. We bring you an amazing assortment of products in various styles. Thank you for shopping with and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions."

I want to thank and their reps for giving me this opportunity.  It has been a pleasure.

♥♥ All products mentioned in this blog post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes by or it's PR.  These are my own and honest opinions.  ♥♥


  1. Thanks for always offering honest reviews! The polishes look great and I am such a big fan of glitters and pinks! I checked out their site and I LOVE their jewelry; they have a lot of cute stuff!

    1. Aw, thank you! I really appreciate the support! It's tough not being able to give a 100% perfect review but honesty towards my readers is priority. I'm sorry the first box arrived in bad shape but it meant a lot to me that they fixed the issue. And thanks for checking out their site. They have added so many new items!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I like how you post honest reviews!You chose nice colors btw!(:

    1. Being honest is my #1 priority! :) And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post!

  4. Good review! Cute and lovely shades. Wholesale fashion products would be best for any person to match with their apparels.

  5. They invariably carry top of the range fashion accessories from many makers and importers.


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