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Monday, April 8, 2013

My Natural Addiction: Spring Collection

Hello, my Pretties!

I haven't posted about My Pretty Little Addiction for a long while but, yes, I am still a promoter for them.  Only thing is, now MPLA is no longer.  There has been a name change!  The owner, Breanna, opted for a name change taking into consideration that there were too many companies with the similar name of My Pretty Little Addiction so now, MPLA is known as My Natural Addiction.  Naturally.


I just received my brand new promoter box yesterday so I figured it would be best to show off these pretties ASAP!  I tend to put it off and then I'm overwhelmed.  Bad, bad blogger.

So, in the package I received yesterday, I was given 6 brand new shades.  The Spring Collection has arrived but it's LIMITED EDITION so hurry up and get yours now!

Introducing the sweet shades of spring!

(FYI: All shadows were swatched over My Natural Addiction Primer.)

April Showers

April Showers was one of those shades that surprised me.  I've said it several times that I am not a fan of blue eyeshadows so when I saw this one in the jar, I thought, "It's pretty.  I don't think I'll use this one much, though."  When I swatched it, my feelings changed.  Haha.  I thought it looked so pretty on the eyes!  It's a shimmery baby blue, sky blue with a really adorable name.

Bunnie Hop

Bunnie Hop is a shimmery pastel lavender shade.  As a swatch on my forearm it appears more silver but on the eyes you can see it's true color.  It's a very soft shade of purple.

Mudd Pie

Who remembers making mud pies?  I sure do!  I loved to make mud pies with my sister.  It was something we did often during the summer and this shadows namesake brings back a lot of sweet memories.  I love this color!  It is so much darker than the other 5 shadows that it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Haha.  But it's lovely.  It's a rich brown with shimmer and I believe it's the shimmer that makes it wearable in spring.  If it had been matte, it would look more like fall but spring sparkles!

Spring Bride

Oh you can bet that I love anything having to do with brides.  Haha.  I even love the word "bride"!  I have not been a bride yet so this shade pulls at my heart strings.  It's such a pretty pink.  Very delicate and feminine.  Pink is a tricky color to wear on your eyes because you can end up looking like you actually have pinkeye.  Haha.  I really did like how this shadow looked on it's own on my eyes.  It's a must have!

Spring Daisy

For those of you who are afraid of using yellow eyeshadow, like I once was, this is the perfect pale yellow to ease you into the transition.  Spring Daisy is a very mellow yellow.  This shade just screams spring to me.  Think of sunshine, canaries, daffodils.  I can feel the warmth on my shoulders!

Spring Meadow

Spring Meadow I say is just like Spring Daisy in the sense that it is a good green for non-green wearers.  Green shadows intimidate me, as do blues, but this is a mild green that anyone can use.  It's a calming, soothing hue and the name just makes me want to grab a blanket and lay it down on the green lawn and nap under the white puffy clouds....

And as an added surprise, Breanna sent me this uber cute bath bomb.  I've never used a bath bomb before and this one is too adorable that I don't want to use it.  Haha.

Vanilla scented Bath Bomb

It smells so good.  Like vanilla.  It looks like a milk shake with is sweetly scented layers and hot pink sparkles to boot.  I want to drink it out of that pink little bendy straw but that wouldn't taste like I imagine it would in my head.  Haha.

Sprinkles!  Looks/smells so good but don't eat!

I have yet to try out this bath bomb but when I do, I'll be back with a review for you.

In the mean time, check out My Natural addiction at for pricing and MORE products!

♥ These items were sent to me free of charge for promotional purposes.  I am a promoter for My Natural Addiction.  All thoughts expressed in this blog post are my own honest opinions. ♥


  1. colors are very settle and that bath bomb is sooo cuteeee

    1. Yeah, the colors were a little on the light side and so we (promoters) brought that up to the owner and she had decided to maybe work with them a little bit more to make them "show up" more when applied :)The bath bomb was really cute that I hated to use it but glad I did. It's good!

  2. ahh these look so pretty! April Showers is probably my favorite <3

    1. I have to admit that April Showers is the one I frowned upon the most and it's the one that I ended up liking more :)


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