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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Buy and Blog: Alice Elan Beauty Benefits by Markwins

Hello, my Pretties!

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my local Family Dollar for a couple of items.  I always browse the cosmetics department because you never know what you might find.  The Family Dollar is usually where I stock up on my L.A. Colors--eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, and nail polishes.

Right now is a good time to check out the makeup aisle of any store since there are so many gift sets available for the upcoming holidays.  I think this little purchase I made was meant as a stocking stuffer idea or something.  After all, it only cost $1.00!

Alice Elan Beauty Benefits
Beauty in Focus

I didn't know that the mascara was going to be blue.  No where on the packaging did I see that it stated it was a blue mascara.  I guess I don't mind.  I would have preferred black but sometimes getting something unexpectedly is the only way you try something new.

Based on the finger tip swatch below, the pigmentation is not that great.  Or is it?  I've never used a colored mascara before.  I did apply it to my lashes.  I didn't see anything!  My lashes did look a little bit longer but not thicker, not darker, not blue-er.

And for those of you who are interested, here are the mascara ingredients:

Now for the main reason why I made this purchase, the eyeshadow palette.  You all know I am a shadow fiend!  I thought at first glance that these colors were so beautiful.  Perfect for the fall/winter seasons.  If they applied and wore well, I'd have hit the makeup jackpot!

The top four shadows remind me of what one would call a 'day look'.  The colors are light to medium tones. Very neutral.

Once swatched, I noticed that the lighter shades were the more pigmented shadows.  The top left corner shadow is very chalky.  Very, very chalky.  The others were nice.  I was most excited about the mid tone shade but that blended in perfectly with my skin tone!  Haha.

Now the next four shades, to me, seem more along the lines of a  'night time look' or 'holiday look'.  I admit, I was dying to try the red shade!

And once I swatched them, I was greatly disappointed by the green shade.  It shows up as such a pretty emerald in the pan but does not translate well on to the skin at all.  The gold shimmer in it is apparent though but over all, the green was a no go.  The red was just OK too.  I had to use a lot of red to get it to show up like this.  The cream color is nice and the black shade was not a disaster.  It was extremely pigmented.

And here are the eyeshadow ingredients:

All in all, not my most favorite frugalista buy.  It was only a dollar so I got a lot of product for a buck.  A lot of usable product??  Maybe not.  I'm pretty sure I will still use this palette because that's just how I am.  The light shadows work very well as brow high lights.  The black is good for an eyeliner or just to add into the crease or outer V to deepen up any look.  As for the mascara, maybe I can use that underneath my regular mascara just to thicken up my lashes some.

It was only a dollar so I couldn't expect much so I'm not disappointed.  Didn't hit the jackpot with this one but I think I got my dollar's worth.

♥♥Products mentioned in this blog post were purchased with my own money.  These are my own thoughts and honest opinions.♥♥


  1. Replies
    1. It's definitely cute. Not all that impressive but I'll get some use out of it :)

  2. Wow! I'm pretty late reading this blog post, but this was really helpful! My grandmother gifted me some products from Alice Elan cosmetics, but I did not know a lot about the brand. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. Not bad for a $1 at all!
    Thanks for sharing! :)


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