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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buy & Blog: Milani Part 1

Hello, my Pretties!

I have so much to show you in this post!  I did a YouTube video on this already so if you have seen it, you know what I am talking about.  You can check out that video on my YouTube channel:

In case you didn't know, CVS was having a 75% off sale on Milani items that are being discontinued.  I have never tried Milani before so this was the perfect time to get me some.  I had been working all week and never made it out to CVS so every night I'd come home to my sweet-tart and complain to him how all my Twitter friends were getting tons of Milani stuff at CVS for really cheap and that I really, really, really wanted some too!

So, after an unusually rough day at work, I was in a really bad mood.  But when my sweet-tart got home from visiting with his dad, he told me he had a surprise for me.  I turned around and he had a big bag of candy in his hands.  Eh, not my favorite candy but candy nonetheless.  So, I grabbed the bag and OMG it was makeup!  Milani makeup!!  Woo hoo!!!

It was a surprise to me that he went out there and did this for me.  He is a sweetheart all the way through.

Enough chit chat.  Let's get to the pictures!

Earlier that day he texted me the text message above.  I had replied with, "Don't worry about it.  I'll go later after work."  It was cute to me that he even bothered to ask.

All my goodies.  75% off at CVS.

And here is a group shot of all my wonderful little goodies.  The only thing that was missing was a blue eyeshadow, one of the singles.

Milani Eyeshadow Runway Eyes
Paid $1.75 each
Saved $5.24 each
Regular price $6.99

I thought these were so pretty!  So sparkly!

#04 Coffee Shop

#06 Royalty

#07 Leaf Green

#09 Caribbean Sea

#10 Blue Lagoon


I was happy with these swatches.  I have yet to use them on my eyes so I do hope that they will work just as well.  Instructions on the package says that these shadows are usable wet or dry.  I have never used a shadow wet so it will be fun to see these applied wet.

Milani 3D Glitzy  Glamour Gloss
Paid $1.75
Saved $5.24
Regular price $6.99

#44 In Vogue

This color is hott!  I love this magenta glossy base with those hot pink glitters.

Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner
Paid $1.75
Saved $5.24
Regular price $6.99

#03 Eternal

Product claims to wear for 24 hours, be waterproof, smudge and smear proof, and color intense.  The color is intense!  Such a bright lime green shade!  My sweet-tart knows I love bright eyes.

Milani dual ended pencil sharpener.
Paid $1.49
Saved $4.50
Regular price $5.99

And he got me this because he got me a bunch of eyeliners.  The thin and the thick kind.  He thinks of everything!

Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil
Paid $1.25
Saved $3.24
Regular price $4.49

#02 Aqua
#03 Green
#04 Purple
Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer
Paid $1.87
Saved $5.62
Regular price $7.49

I love all my Milani goodies for the exception of these.  You will see why when you see the swatches below.  And such a shame too.  I was really anxious to try these out.

Top to Bottom: (L-R) #01 Blackened Sterling/Sterling Magic
#02 Blackened Blue/Blue Magic
#03 Blackened Green/Green Magic
#04 Blackened Teal/Teal Magic
#06 Blackened Gold/Gold Magic
As you can see, the glimmer side is useless.  There is no "magic"!  I was so disappointed.  I can't even tell you how disappointed.  I did love the Sterling Magic.  That was what I expected all the others to be like.  They weren't.  Now I am broken hearted.  I had high hopes for these.

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows
Paid $2.25
Saved $6.74
Regular price $8.99

#02 Fashionista Pinks

Fashionista Pinks swatches.

These swatched a lot lighter than I had hoped for but they are still very pretty.

#06 Beauty in Blues

Beauty in Blues swatches.

In the swatches, it is very hard to tell the difference in the top 3 shades.  In the pan, the top shade is more of a pearly white.  The second is more of a pearly white-white.  The third shade is pearly white with a tinge of blue.

#08 Catwalk

Catwalk swatches.

This is my favorite of the palettes!  I guess because it has the most variety of shades.  All the shades are so very pretty.

#09 Trendsetter

Trendsetter swatches.

Even though green shadows are not my favorite, I do have to admit that these are nice.  Surprisingly nice.

And we have finally reached the end.  Whew!  I don't know about you but I am exhausted.  And did you notice that the title says "part 1"?  Hint hint.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All items mentioned in this post were bought by my sweet-tart with his own money.  Total price he paid for everything including taxes was $38.80.  Total items purchased were 20.  Total amount saved was $107.46.  What a deal! ♥♥


  1. Tons of great stuff, I like Milani products, but I think they cost too much, so I never let myself get any. I think the Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer pencils are to be used together; like lay down the dark liner and then top it with glimmer side to amp up the dark line. Kinda like how glitter liquid liners are not densely packed so you can add them on top of dark/colored liners to make them contrast and POP! :)
    [this is all suggestion, I could be wrong, lol]

    1. Haha, glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks they are on the pricey side! That's why I waited for a sale like this to buy! OMG, and you are so right! I bet that's what the glimmer side is for! Doh!! LOL. I will try that! You are so smart, I can't believe I didn't put the two together :) Thanks so much. I will let you know how that worked out :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I am sooo jealous of your great buys! :) I love those palettes by Milani, but I only own one. Please do some tutorials with them! Would love to see what you come up with. :)

    1. Aw, LOL, now that's how I felt when I saw everyone else's blog posts and Twitter pics! LOL. I get jelly too :) I'm happy with the palettes but I haven't used them on my eyes yet. If I can come up with a nice look with them, I will share with you for sure!

  3. Oh yay I was waiting for these swatches :) I am so glad you shared. Those eyeshadows look amazing, I would love to see if they are much brighter wet. That lipgloss will be perfect in the summer!

    1. I'm dying to see what they look like wet! I bet they do stand out even more! And the lip gloss is really nice. I plan on using it a lot! LOL.

  4. WOW that is a good haul.
    You will have to review some of the items.

    1. Haha, thank you! I will review them when I get a chance to use them. LOL. I can't believe I haven't been able to try them yet. Hopefully this weekend. I always say the weekend! LOL. Soon, I hope :)

  5. WoW!!! Your sweet-tart is some guy!!! He def knows how to make a girl happy, what girl wouldn't love a ton of makeup!
    I actually saw that they were having a big sale at my CVS the other day, but they were pretty much out of all the good stuff. I was so bummed bc Milani's eye shadows are great. You're gonna love them and you got all the really good palette's & colors. Have fun with them!!

    1. Yes, he can be sweet when he wants to be. LOL. I'm getting some more makeup for Valentine's Day too. He knows he can't go wrong with that! I had wanted to go back to CVS when they had the sale but the sweet-tart said he got one of everything they had. A lot of the good stuff was out too like the lipsticks. I'm happy with what I got, for sure! Since it's my first time using Milani, I'm impressed by them :)

  6. Wow! Again, your sweetie was so sweet to pick all of this up for you all by himself! That gloss is gorgeous & I can't wait to see you do a look with Catwalk -- that one looks like it would be my fave too, but I REALLY wanna see you do a look with Trendsetter! Those colors are really pretty & unique and I would LOVE to see you incorporate the yellow because I think it would gorgeous on you! :)

    1. LOL, it was so funny because he says the cashier was shocked that he got so much and all on sale! He was like, "how did you manage to do this all by yourself?" LOL. Sweets said, "I knew what brand to look for. And I scanned everything." LOL. I'm so mad because I haven't used makeup in so long. I haven't even used these yet! Soon, soon!!!

  7. Replies
    1. LOL. Thank you! Haha :) I still haven't gotten a chance to play with it yet. And I still have a couple more Milani items to share which he got me the day after :)

  8. Omg these are all so amazing!! The single shadows are making me breathless! lol I love how royalty & Caribbean look. Sooo pretty. The liners look awesome too! I love everything he got you! & what a deal! He's so sweet!

    1. OMG, yes I just about died when I saw the singles. I thought they were so pretty. The did swatch a little more sheer than I expected but it does say you can use them wet to intensify the colors so I might just try that. I have never used a shadow wet before :) The liners are so creamy it's crazy! Very easy to apply. This was such a good deal, he did good :)


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